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Vendor Partners

The Iroquois Advantage

The Iroquois Group has long working relationships with many other companies that work in the insurance industry, companies that offer services such as agency management systems, publicity and financing, to name a few. Iroquois members are afforded certain discounts or advantages with many of those companies.

Agency Administrators: ServicePlus®

Agency Administrators is one of Iroquois’ newest Vendor Partners. Iroquois Group members get exclusive discounts to the services offered by Agency Administrators to independent insurance agencies across the country. “High customer care service levels are crucial for today’s insurance agents to strengthen the relationships with both their customers and carriers, operate their agencies more efficiently, and grow their businesses. With access to Agency Administrators, Iroquois Group members now have the option to gain a competitive edge in this critical area.” said Laurie Branch, Iroquois president. For more information, click on the contact page

Agency Management Systems: Applied Systems

The Iroquois Group is an Applied Alliance Partner. Through this program, Iroquois Group members get exclusive access to educational resources, industry best practices, and innovative new products to increase the value of your technology investment. “Technology is a critical asset for today’s independent agents and brokers to strengthen their relationships with insurers, operate more efficiently and deliver superior customer service to grow their businesses," said Laurie Branch, Iroquois president. Fill out the form on Applied's landing page for a complimentary technology consultation.


Agency Management Systems: EZLynx Management System

Painlessly transition from your old agency management system with the EZLynx data experts by your side. After we carefully move your data into our system, you will begin receiving monthly agency health reports via email to help you translate what your data is saying.

You will also be able to remarket without rekeying by syncing information directly from the carrier and choosing the details to import. Management System is built on top of our already established rater, EZLynx Rating Engine, allowing you to quote without leaving the system.

Management System will help you track your premiums & commissions, simplify commission payouts, dig into data with reporting, and manage day to day tasks – all the while tracking your activities for reduced E&O exposure.

Learn how to break free from the chains of your outdated agency management system – call or click today.

Comparative Rater: EZLynx Rating Engine

Many Iroquois Member Agents have found EZLynx Rating Engine to be an excellent time saver for their producers and CSRs. EZLynx enables agents to generate accurate home and auto quotes from multiple insurance companies with a single data entry point.
Ask your Iroquois Representative for details on Iroquois member-discounts on EZLynx Rating Engine.
To learn more about Rating Engine and other EZLynx Agency Solutions call or click today.

OPTIS Partners- financial consulting

OPTIS Partners is a financial consulting firm providing expert services to the insurance distribution industry. Based in Chicago, IL, OPTIS Partners consists of a small group of highly skilled insurance and finance professionals with extensive insurance industry experience. 
Overview of Services:
Mergers & Acquisitions:
Regardless of your firm‘s position as a buyer or seller, OPTIS Partners is committed to maximizing the return on your investment through our intimate industry expertise and knowledge of the M&A process.
• Seller Representation Services
• Buyer Representation Services
• Due-Diligence of Buyers and Sellers
Ownership Transition and Perpetuation Planning:
The internal transition of ownership from one generation to another is a process, not an event. 
OPTIS Partners works with clients to assess their needs and develop action plans.  They will also provide and/or assist with the following specific deliverables:
• Establishment of the valuation basis from which to start the buy and sell process and updating of the valuation as necessary over time
• Development of plans to fund the transition of ownership between individuals
• Creation of cash-flow projections and other financial projections throughout the term of transition
• Revision of projections and plans as circumstances continue to develop
Valuation Services:
OPTIS Partners, LLC (“OPTIS”) provides Fair Market Valuation (“FMV”) services to various firms across the insurance distribution and related sectors, with particular emphasis on mid-sized Property-Casualty and Employee Benefits insurance agencies. 
Iroquois Members receive a discount on the hourly fees charged by OPTIS Partners.
For More Information:
Daniel P. Menzer, CPA
CM&AA (Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor)
630-520-0490  (o)   630-408-1810 (c)
825 Campbell Drive
West Chicago, IL  60185

Marketing, Communication & Technology: EZLynx Marketing Campaigns

Maximize prospect and customer relationship building with minimal agent effort. Marketing Campaigns will help you build drip campaigns, in which a series of personalized emails automatically go out at designated intervals to keep you in touch while you focus on high priority tasks.

To learn more about agency emails sent by EZLynx Marketing Campaigns call or click today.

E-mail and Telemarketing - The G&D Group

The G&D Group specializes in customizing Commercial Lines new business Appointment Setting programs using E-Mail Marketing & Telemarketing where everything is set up on an on-line system to help their clients maximize their return on investment.
G&D’s E-Mail Marketing program includes the following:
•         E-Mail Marketing is billed on a month to month agreement so clients can “pay as they go” & there is no long-term contract.
•         FREE Lists are provided to Iroquois Members with any new business marketing program investment and in most cases, your list will come with 30%+ of names already having X-Dates!
•         On average, their clients get a 10% response rate from E-Mail Marketing alone!
• They will update your database when collecting e-mail addresses to decision makers (Owners, Finance Executives, etc…).
• They will send out 2 e-mail blasts each month that are giving their clients an average 10% response rate each month.
• They will send these 2 e-mails out from YOUR e-mail address & let you know when it goes out!
• They will manage bounce back e-mails, which will come back to them rather than you!
• They will help you with replies to help you maximize your e-mail marketing ROI from prospects that are interested!  
• They will update each record in the AWT (CRM) system on-line of prospects who reply to avoid future e-mails or calls with prospects already resolved by e-mail marketing.
• Appointments are generated from their E-Mail Marketing & Telemarketing services.
•         Telemarketing without effective E-Mail Marketing doesn’t work very well today. However, Telemarketing with an effective E-Mail Marketing campaign behind it works extremely well!
•         G&D’s “Client Portal” allows a client to access their database on-line in real time to monitor activity, track their results 24X7 & much more!
•         All programs are worked from their California office, with no offshore outsourcing.
Iroquois Members receive a discount on the monthly marketing fee.
For More Information:
Dion Gutierrez, CEO
Phone: (800) 846-7745, ext 104

The National Underwriter Company

The National Underwriter Company is proud to partner with The Iroquois Group and provide Iroquois Members with a special 20 percent discount offer on all products and services including the renowned FC&S. (Discount does not apply to any service or magazine renewals.)
To see everything The National Underwriter Company has to offer visit their website at

My Insurance Videos

More and more, video is being used to communicate with existing and potential clients, and through an Iroquois Group agreement with My Insurance Videos, your agency can join in that trend. The best way to describe how video messages can amplify an agency's message is to show it in video form: Click here for a 2-minute explanation.
There are more than 45 videos to make:
• your website better (Google likes video)
• your staff more productive (helps your staff sell more) 
• your birthday & holiday touches better (Video is more personal)
• your social media efforts better
Here's how a video message from your agency might look: Click here
The Iroquois Group has negotiated a 15-percent discount for all Iroquois members.
For more information call (858) 461-1075 or visit
Be sure to mention you are an Iroquois agent to receive your 15-percent discount.

Website Design: EZLynx Agency Websites

Your agency’s online presence is essential in this digital era. Not only will EZLynx help you create the perfect website for marketing your business online, but they also integrate other EZLynx solutions into your site to capture leads and provide service to customers.

To see what your EZLynx Agency Website would look like call or click today.


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